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  • Day 6: Favourite Book Character (Can’t Be A Movie)

    NOT a movie?? It’s getting harder and harder to find a book that hasn’t been adapted into a movie these days. Much to my chagrin, my favourite book, Villette by Charlotte Bronte, hasn’t been adapted into a movie. I don’t know for the life of me why. It’s the most incredible book and also basically the story of my life. I know Jane Eyre is Charlotte’s most famous book and a hallmark of the western literary canon but Villette is even more hauntingly beautiful than Jane Eyre, for whilst Jane Eyre is a fictional autobiography, Villette is actually a semi-autobiographical novel based on the time when Charlotte became an English teacher in Brussels. It’s heartbreakingly sad. But also heartbreakingly beautiful. If you haven’t ever read it you should. I own like five different versions of it. It is that amazing.

    The enigmatic main character, Lucy Snowe, is quiet, composed young woman who undergoes some unnamed personal tragedy that leads her to the fictional town of Villette in Belgium in search of employment. She utlimately gains lodging in a boarding school, where she takes up the post of English teacher to the unruly, headstrong French girls. She struggles to learn French, is under constant surveillance and privacy invasion by the school’s headmistress and eventually suffers from an episode of depression. SO MANY FEELS. Anyway Lucy describes herself as plain, dark-haired girl who looks older than her years. I don’t know, I think she would have had this strong and wilful beauty that’s simply masked by her introspective and quiet nature, and that’s how I’ve drawn her.

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